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    Home Electronics My Review on Vulkano Flow

    My Review on Vulkano Flow

    Vulkano Flow

    Vulkano Flow

    My review on Vulkano Flow really started when I got fed up looking for answers to the problems that some people are having with the free Vulkano Flow app which does not work. In a nut shell Monsoon Support suggestion is basically to pay some more money and take your chances, as my email correspondence with Monsoon Support reveals. If I wanted to gamble I would go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Fortunately, I am not a gambler. I prefer to get what I paid for and the Vulkano Flow, while not quite what I expected, costing me roughly 100CAD plus shipping and tax, has disappointed me but I am at least putting it to use with my Laptop. I would have at least expected them to try to resolve my problem. Namely, “Does the paid version of the Vulkano Flow app work with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7” P3113?” Instead I got a runaround and was suggested not to buy the app for the reason you can read.

    Vulkano Flow Functionality

    The Vulkano Flow works with their PC app. That is their only saving grace for me. I can’t speak for their Apple Software since I don’t own one. Thankfully I have a Laptop so I can put it to use that way. But I still have to lug around the Laptop. Again, I would have preferred the Vulkano Flow worked with my tablet.

    Setup was not as easy as one would hope. If your router is nowhere near your TV then you have to use your Laptop to connect to the Vulkano Flow using the Ethernet connection, else you are forced to use Wireless and that involves, at least for me, removing the Mac Address Filter protection, then going through the whole process of entering the pass phase (big pain in the you know what) and if you do not succeed, start again. However you might get lucky and not make a mistake along the way. I made mistakes so I used my Laptop. Only after I knew it was working and got the MAC address for the wireless did I go through the wireless setup.

    HINT 1: The MAC Address is probably 1 more than the “eMAC” which is printed on the unit.

    HINT 2: Do Not Forget the Password or the name you decide on the unit, or you will have to reset the Vulkano Flow and start from scratch again.

    Email Regarding Vulkano Flow app

    I suggested to Monsoon Support that they create a full functioning Trial version of their Android app for the Vulkano Flow. That way if it worked on the device, after a period of two weeks, you could force the customer to pay for it. Monsoon Support just replied, “We do not have any trail App for Vulkano Flow.” And when I asked for a guarantee on their existing app, Monsoon Support replied “We do not offer any refunds for those who feel it would not be refunded. We recommend you not to purchase the app as we know even when it will work as it does, you will still claim for a refund.” Quite frankly I do not know what to make of this. Perhaps he was having a bad day. Or was he just avoiding answering the question?

    You can read the whole email here. I only took out any references to emails, websites and phone numbers.

    You can also read reviews for the Vulkano Flow player app on the Google Play Site

    If the link does not work just go to play.google.com and search for Vulkano Player-Flow/Lava/Blast There are hundreds of reviews.

    I have not paid for the Vulkano Flow player app yet because I am not convinced that it will work for me. Most people might say, “It’s only 13 bucks!” But I say, that’s probably what they are counting on. For the sake of those who have paid for it I hope I’m wrong and hope that Monsoon Media cares enough to work on improving the Vulkano Flow app so that it is compatible and works with the majority of the android phones and tablets that are out there. At the very least the popular ones like Galaxy Tab, Hint Hint…


    PS. I would like to here from those who have tried the paid Vulkano Flow app and let us know on which mobile and/or tablet  device it does or does not work.

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    4 comments on “My Review on Vulkano Flow

    1. Johnny on said:

      I have the android app on a Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Elite 2.3.7. Using my in home wifi. it works so so. A lot of buffering. I had to go into settings and change it to 700kbps for local and 128kbps for remote viweing. It cuts down on the buffering issue. It could be that the LG Optimus Elite is more of an entry level android phone with a slower processor so that could be my buffering problem, not sure. With the 3g virgin mobile signal, it’s hit or miss. Sometimes i get a smooth stream, sometimes it buffers constantly.

      • admin on said:

        Thank you Johnny for the info. I hope to get more people leaving comments such as yours. It is helpful not only to me but everyone else that may be looking for answers.

    2. Patrick Kelly on said:

      Hi, have Galaxy Note 1 (android), all I want is a ‘Vulkano name’ and ‘password’ to get a connection with my Vulkano unit which is connected to my set top box, where are they!!, are they printed on the packaging somewhere, underneath the unit??, there is no info on the site telling me ‘WHERE’ they are, would much appreciate it if somebody knew what this name and password were, cheers Patrick

      • Steve on said:

        The name and password is the same one you used to setup the Vulkano. If you do not remember it, I believe the only choice you have is to reset the vulkano and make a new username and password. This happened to me once or twice quite a while ago but I have since put it in storage since customer service all but refused to help me. You could read the “email correspondence with Monsoon Support” just click on that link in the article.

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