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    Home Electronics E-Book Readers Kobo Broken Screen – Kobo Customer Service From Hell

    Kobo Broken Screen – Kobo Customer Service From Hell

    The Kobo Broken Screen

    Kobo Broken Screen

    Kobo Broken Screen

    Believe it or not, the Kobo broken screen is not cracked, it just looks that way because the e-ink is producing this effect. This is what happens when it is accidentally bumped. And according to Kobo, at least those with whom I’ve spoken, it is not covered under the warranty. This, in my opinion, is a design flaw. They should have made the screen from something stronger. I’m here to warn anyone who may be considering the Kobo, that if this happens to you, you might as well throw your money in the trash. It will cost you about 60 dollars plus shipping and insurance plus tax…you have to give the Government it’s fare share of the larceny. On an Item that only cost about $110 CAD you might as well buy a new one with an extra $20 or so. But why would you want to if the chance of this happening again is very likely.

    Just search on the internet for the phase “Kobo broken screen” and you will see that there are a lot of customers to whom this happened. Some of them managed to get it replaced for free. Some…not so lucky. I am one of the “not so lucky” ones. I don’t intend on spending a penny for this Kobo e-Reader after the hell the Kobo customer service put me through.

    Kobo Customer Service From Hell

    Kobo customer service can’t even keep proper track of their ticketing system. We, my daughter, my wife and I, have sent them close to a dozen or more emails within the space of 10 days, more than three quarters of which they can’t find and on those they do find, each has a different ticket incident number. All this, just to get them a copy of the sales receipt and an image of the damage, the very same one you see in this post, and all they do is say it is not covered.

    Pay For a Repaired “Previously Broken Kobo”

    But if I agree to send them some money, they will repair the Kobo broken screen or send me a fixed previously broken Kobo. They call it refurbished, and their definition of refurbished is a variety of thing that it can be. Not all refurbished item are fixed previously broken items, some are just open box or items returned for reasons other than damage. If you buy that… I can sell you a slightly used bridge real cheap. Of coarse for me to sell you something like that I would be breaking the law, but for some reason the laws don’t apply equally to the rich. Those with money, including Corporations, can get billions of dollars in bail-outs just for ripping off the little guy.

    I will follow-up on this to see if the retail chain that sold me the Kobo will do better than the Kobo customer service and at least help in the form of a $50 discount on another Kobo device. Come back later to find out what happens. But in the mean time I can only suggest looking at the Kindle Keyboard as a possible alternative. The Kindle was the e-Reader I originally wanted to buy, but it was not readily available in Canada at the time.

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    25 comments on “Kobo Broken Screen – Kobo Customer Service From Hell

    1. sarah on said:

      So did you get that discount from Chapters or wherever you bought your Kobo? My screen broke today too, and now I’m worried about getting a replacement. I use my Kobo every day. I keep it in a case, and have not dropped it ever. Maybe jostled it in my purse, but that really shouldn’t damage it if it’s made well.

      • admin on said:

        No such luck I’m afraid. Kobo deems it a physical damage and therefore not covered by their warranty. The retailer says the same thing. I suggest you do not tell them that it dropped or hit. Just that you found it like this for no apparent reason.
        In my opinion, this is a design defect, and should be covered.
        If your gas tank explodes when you are rear-ended the manufacture recalls the defective design. Like-wise when the screen is tapped and it “explodes”, it too should be recalled.
        Let me know how you make out with your situation. And please share this article with all your friends and colleagues.

      • admin on said:

        By the way Amazon is now replacing Kindle with broken screen for free. So how good can Kobo be with that kind of deal. Maybe you can use it as ammo to get Kobo to do the same. As for me it is too little too late. I won’t refuse the free Kobo, but I definitely don’t trust them any more. It is common knowledge that low prices attract the customers but customer service keeps them coming back. Buy a kindle. I think you will be glad you did. At least check out the Kindle and what it offers.

    2. r webb on said:

      I ran into the same issues with kobo as you did. The customer service totally sucked. I sent several emails over a period of 2 weeks and it took forever to get a reply telling me they would not repair or replace it unless I paid them more than it was worth in the first place. I compare their screens to an etch a sketch I had when I was a kid. Bump or shake the screen and the ink just got messed up. I would never purchase another kobo and also told them what I thought of their non nonexistant customer service. I picked up a Kindle Fire and it’s the best investment I made in a long time. Funny thing though, I had several emails back from kobo asking me if I was still interested in repairing the one I had. Too little to late I say.

      • admin on said:

        Kudos to you R Webb and thanks for speaking out. I am a firm believer of speaking out, because the more we do it, the more effect it has. Other people become aware of the problems and make better decisions, namely buying somewhere else. If the company is too dense to rectify this problem, then they deserve to go out of business. Any company that thinks they can become rich by selling an inferior product is indeed short-sited.

        I wish more people would speak out. Thanks.

        • Vince Morgillo on said:

          I also just bought a kobo arc and my son was playing with it he sat on it while on the couch and the screen cracked i also have an iPad for three years and was abused way worse and never had a problem i had this product for 2 months so i emailed and called kobo and they told me that it cannot be fixed and it is not covered under warranty but i replied that they should at least offer to have it fixed for a cost but they have no screens for this product and i spent $300 for this tablet the way i see it if they cant fix it then they should replace it

          • Steve on said:

            Thank you Vince,
            I agree with you. There is nothing wrong with Kobo making money, it is how they do it that upsets me. They have no care for their product or their customer. Buyer beware.

    3. GC on said:

      My wife got one of these for Christmas from her father in 2010. She didn’t have it three weeks before the screen did the exact same thing. The problem is that was never bumped of jostled in any way. It was always in the house and was placed back in its original box when she wasn’t using it. It only lasted two ebooks.

      Kobo tech support wouldn’t do anything whatsoever. If the thing weren’t so cheap I’d have spoken to a lawyer over it. They knowingly sold a defective device.

    4. Leslye on said:

      Wow. I’ve had my share of nightmares with Kobo, but mine are all centered on the Kobo Vox. Basically, one day I put it to “sleep” and it wouldn’t wake up. It also wouldn’t charge. I sent email after email to Kobo. First they told me I had to charge it. Duh. Then they told me I had to restore it to the factory settings – and they sent me the instructions on how to reset it – for the Kobo Touch. By googling, I found instructions online to reset it (which required me to take the back off). I emailed again – it still didn’t work. Long story short, I finally got someone, and they agreed, my Vox was toast, and they said they were sending me a replacement, and to please send them my broken one when the new one arrived. It was only when the replacement arrived that I found out the replacement one was refurbished, not new. Furthermore – the replacement one’s on/off button died halfway through the book I was reading.

    5. Dave on said:

      I travel alot to places where can’t get kobo repaired, first screen broke after 4 months. After much agrument managed to have it replaced when I returned to Canada. That was in May 2012 and it took almost two months. GUESS WHAT IN OCTOBERIT BROKE AGAIN JUNK JUNK JUNK

    6. Michael M on said:

      I just hate the fact that not only will I be out the money for the kobo itself, but I’ll also be out the money I spent for the books.

      • admin on said:

        You do not have to be out the money for the books. Kobo also has an app which you can download for practically any device: Android, iPhone, even PC.

    7. Dr. Al L on said:

      Mine too. 1 month old. I wish I had read all of this on the internet BEFORE I paid the money to buy it ! To amyone out there who is looking for an ereader —- avoid KOBO!!! They have a defective product, they know it, they won’t do anyting about it. The solution? Don’t buy it!!!!!

    8. Terry on said:

      I’m lucky I think??? My VOX has lasted 18 months (a refurb after it would not start.) Well now I can’t charge it because the micro USB is broken. Kobo support is non-existant and I guess I’ll throw my money away. What app can I use to convert my books to something else??

    9. Yuliya on said:

      I know this is an old topic but I’ve had the same thing happen to me recently. My kobo mini broke after 6 months. It wasn’t bumped or dropped or anything as I’m very careful with my gadgets. There’s just a small but distracting patch of broken screen on the upper right hand corner. Kobo has not surprisingly refused repairs or replacements. I’ve contacted the Better Business Bureau with a complaint and I hope I’ll have more luck through them.

      • Yuliya on said:

        Hey guys, I just wanted to give you an update on my BBB complaint (http://www.bbb.org/canada/). After about a month and a half, I received a response from someone high up in the customer service rank saying they would ‘make an exception’ for me and send me a replacement. They ended up sending me a Kobo Glo instead of the Kobo mini but I’m not complaining about the upgrade. Good luck to you all.

    10. James Brooks on said:

      This may be an old thread, but Kobo is still screwing its customers and giving them the run around. My kobo glo carpfest got caught half way through a refresh. The device works, but the screen will not update. It was not bumped or jarred in any way. This kind of problem is all over the net, and ‘Team Kobo’ just keeps pretending they don’t have a problem. Buy a Sony e-reader. They are awesome.

      James Brooks

      • admin on said:

        James, thanks for your input. This thread is old but still people are have problems with Kobo. It kind of proves that Kobo doesn’t care about its customer. We need to keep telling everyone what terrible service they provide until they wake up. Share this article on what ever social networks you may be subscribe to, and spread the word.

    11. Neil L-L on said:

      Screen broke within the first month. Couldn’t believe how easily it broke, so now I am going to invest in a kindle or other e-book device which, hopefully, isn’t so shoddily made.
      Bought mine through “Argos” and managed to get my money back on a gift card.

    12. IGP on said:

      Had exactly the same experience with my Kobo (actually two of them, the first one was replaced). I completely agree: it is a problem with defective screens. They should not even be selling this product.
      Never again will I buy a Kobo. Never do you buy one!

    13. SRN on said:

      Wish I’d seen this before buying my Kobo Aura. First one died after 6 weeks, no obvious screen problem, just wouldn’t respond. This was replaced by the shop. Second one developed a “cracked screen” Kept in a rigid leather case and never dropped. Clearly a product of unmerchantable quality.

      Kobo “customer care” have not even acknowledged my complaint after four days.

      If you are in Europe you can try to get a refund from the seller under the “Consumer Sales Directive” which states that consumer goods must be in conformaty with the contract of sale. That is they must be:

      They are fit for their purpose
      They are fit for any particular purpose which was made known to the seller at the time of
      conclusion of the contract, and accepted by the seller;
      Their quality and performance are satisfactory, given the nature of the goods and taking into
      account the public statements made about them by the seller, the producer or his

      Which for me means that the screens should not crack under normal use.

      Good hunting

    14. Catherine on said:

      Hi thank you so much for posting this, as the same happened to me a long time ago. I just thought I had cracked the screen but was unsure how this could have happened. Now I understand that is was not broken after all. Grrr what a con…left it too late to do anything about it now. Its going in the bin…

    15. Anne on said:

      It’s Nov 2016… and my friend is going through the same thing with his Kobo Glo HD! He is really upset as he uses his reader all the time.. bad timing to have to pay for a new one especially considering that he had just purchased this one only 2 months ago. Horrible customer service and if their product is flawed (well duh) they should be fixing the problem and providing replacements free of charge. >:(

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